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Be sure you're in a squad because they'll usually be at one of those bottlenecks. As soon as you spawn on your squad member, drop some ammo or med packs. If someone is blown up, be a champ and revive them. If you only want to rank up and don't care about weapon upgrades, you can sit back with your shock paddle and play Dr. House. You'll rack up a lot of points but not many kills. Me, I'm a run and gunner. I just go in guns blazing. Of course I'm going to die (I really don't care about my K/D ratio), but I usually get 2-3 of them in the process. The killing is especially good on the stairs next to the escalators. Either run up or down the stairs (depending on what side you spawn) and just start blasting. It's funny because I don't think they realize someone is crazy enough to just rush 5-10 soldiers, so you have the element of surprise. If you want, toss a grenade first to daze them with the cover effect. You can also use a tactical light but don't turn it on until you're ready to rush. Surprise is the key and if you're running around with a flashlight, it's tough to sneak up on anyone. Same goes for the laser dot, which I personally hate.

*Quick disclaimer: This is in no way a hack, glitch, or cheat. It's just a method of play that I found gets me the most kills and points than any other game mode or map. If you're looking for a hack or're in the wrong spot.

Maps: Only check Operation Metro

You can view the - the only portion of that map that is used for the conquest is the "underground" portion.

The best round I've ever had using those settings was 82 kills 32 deaths and over 30,000 points. It works, you just have to find your flavor and the proper weapon. Happy gaming!

Region: Leave all unchecked

Play it this way several times and you'll start to see where the bottlenecks occur so you can start game planning accordingly. And if you're ever spawned at the U.S. deployment and they have taken over all the flags...break out your mortars, they'll come in handy.

If you were a little late purchasing Battlefield 3 then you're probably like me, getting frustrated because it seems like it's impossible to level up or power up your weapons. What REALLY sucks is that you have to get kills with each weapon in order to unlock the upgrades and for both the U.S. and RU weapons. Since you purchased the game late, when you log in you're a lowly Private. There are already people who are full bird Colonels x 10 - which in itself seems mathematically impossible, but I'll save that for another article entitled, "Battlefield 3 Hacks and Cheats".

Preset: Normal (don't try hardcore, trust me on this one)

Detailed: Ranked and Punkbuster checked with Map Rotation and Game Mode Rotation X'd out. Password protection can be left blank.

1. The stairs next to the escalators (all the way left if you spawn U.S. and right if RU)

Game: Leave it as-is.

2. The escalators (dead center of the map)

3. The office cubicles (all the way right if you spawn U.S. and left if RU)

Now here's how you level up fast in Battlefield 3 and get a lot of kills. The map with the settings you input above is now pretty much a constant firefight. You don't have to run a mile just to be sniped. It may take some time getting used to because everyone is lobbing grenades and shooting rocket launchers. Teamkill is turned off based on your settings, so lob and blast away. Here comes the meat and potatoes on getting a lot of kills. In the map there are three sections where each team "bottlenecks". The easiest way to remember this is - it's right smack in the middle of the Ticket Hall flag. The team that controls B (Ticket Hall) owns the map.

Game Size: Leave blank

Mode: Only check Conquest

I was sick and tired of running half way across the map just to get sniped, so I messed around with different maps with different settings and this is the final paradigm I came up for quickly leveling up in Battlefield 3. Let's get started, here is how you can level up fast in Battlefield 3.

Once you have those server settings inputted, click the "Refresh and save filter" button. It will show you the available games. Join one. Keep in mind that there will be no vehicles when using these settings. My day job is at a sign shop doing vehicle wraps in Tampa so I always thought it would be cool if the developers gave us a way to "wrap" our team's vehicles. But I digress...I'll sequester the work nerd for now.

First, find a class you want to unlock all the weapon upgrades and stick with it. Don't jump around from class to class until you're comfortable with the overall game play and how the weapons work (recoil, aim, etc), stick with one class. I chose the support class for one purpose and one purpose get the mortar! I played the Grand Bazaar large conquest map and was getting absolutely pummeled by enemy mortars. Even though I was getting really pissed off, I also thought it was pretty damn cool. I kept commenting in chat and calling them the new noob tubes. No one laughed. I wanted to be able to rain down fire on foes across the map, so I chose support. Whatever you choose, I would highly suggest using a class that offers team assistance like ammo, med packs or shock paddles. You'll get more points as well as kills.

Second, set up your multiplayer game settings so it filters all maps and game settings you don't want to play. Here are the settings you want starting from the left going right.

Free Slots: I check 1-5 and 6-10 just because I want the games I join to be populated.

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